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About the Collection

Discover some of the world’s foremost collections of twentieth- and twenty-first-century visual culture.

Our Collections

M+ has four permanent collections that are rooted in Asia but defined, developed, and examined from a global perspective. Collectively, they form the backbone of our institution and will continue to evolve with future generations. Enjoy the richness of our holdings by exploring the four collections on the right.
In a large exhibition space, a large black-and-white photographic work is prominently displayed on the central wall. To the left are two smaller framed abstract artworks. On the wooden floor, there are two sculptures made of stones and a geometric glass block installation. A single person is visible, observing the artworks.

M+ Collection

The M+ Collection is an interdisciplinary collection of visual culture that brings together design and architecture, moving image, and visual art works from Hong Kong, mainland China, elsewhere in Asia, and beyond.
In an exhibition space, diverse artworks line the walls, including a large naturalistic painting, a series of intense portrait photographs, and an abstract geometric painting. A long wooden bench provides seating in the center of the gallery, where a single person is seated observing the artworks. There is a blurry figure who appears to be a person in motion, walking towards one of the artworks.

M+ Sigg Collection

The M+ Sigg Collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of contemporary Chinese art in the world.
A close-up of a display case. On the top left appears to be a magazine with the title "Leger" in English. Below that is a book or notebook with Japanese text on the cover. The notebook has a brown, textured cover, suggesting it may be made of a natural material like canvas or burlap.

M+ Library Special Collection

The M+ Library Special Collection addresses printed material as a key creative medium and alternative art practice in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
An exhibition space with various framed artworks and architectural drawings displayed on the dark-coloured walls. In the middle of the room is a simple wooden bench placed on the wooden floor.

M+ Collection Archives

The M+ Collection Archives is a repository of valuable primary documents that lends deeper insights into the creative processes of artists and makers.

Collections Management and Care

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