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Sigg Fellowship for Chinese Art Research

Sigg Fellowship for Chinese Art Research

The open call for the Sigg Fellowship for Chinese Art Research 22/23 is now closed.

The fellowship supports new research on Chinese art, in dialogue with the M+ Collections. It corresponds with our commitment to enriching the contemporary conversation on art in the region, and to defining new platforms for research and debate.

In the 1980s during the ’85 New Wave Movement, Conceptual Art emerged in China and was represented by the artist groups Xiamen Dada, Pond Society in Hangzhou, and the New Measurement Group in Beijing. These groups were formed within three to five years, and eventually disbanded due to various factors. In contrast to the humanistic stance and emphasis on aesthetic and emotional expression that characterised new art movements during the time, these Conceptual Art groups abandoned traditional visual expression and materiality. They accentuated concepts and rationality within the artistic process, and used actions, language, and live performance as the main mediums of expression. Although their activities were overshadowed by better known movements such as Political Pop and Cynical Realism, their work had a profound impact on the development of  Conceptualism, multimedia expansion, and curatorial practices in contemporary Chinese art.

We hope research in this edition of the Sigg Fellowship can generate a holistic view of the theoretical and linguistic origins of Conceptualism in China, specifically in terms of their collective and individual practices, their relationship to global art, and their subsequent influence on the history and context of Chinese art.

Sigg Fellowship for Chinese Art Research 22/23

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Image at top: Installation view of Pond Society, Work No. 2, Strollers In The Green Space, 1986. © Zhang Peili