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China Neonlight Advertising Company Archive 中國光管廣告公司作品檔案

China Neonlight Advertising Company Archive consists of 37 photographs and 1 design drawing of neon signs, representing China Neonlight's documentation of their realised or repaired neon works. Signs include the ‘Dragon Club’ neon sign in Wan Chai, ‘Chan Kei Goose Restaurant’ neon sign in Sham Tseng and the ‘Tan Teck Ginseng’ neon sign in Sheung Wan. These photographs demonstrate various Chinese calligraphy styles including Northern Wei Style and Regular Script that have been used on neon signs by the Hong Kong calligrapher Fung Siu Wah.

The hand-painted sketch for ‘Wealth Banquet,’ a local restaurant in Tuen Mun, provides insight into the design process of neon signs and helps us understand the development of the design process from the 1960s-90s when compared this with neon sketches in CA13 ( Nam Wah Neon Company Archive) Gridlines were no longer applied over the sketch as the neon sign makers magnified the designs by projector instead of doing it manually. This is also the last physical sketch that the China Neonlight Advertising Co. produced before they closed their design department in 1994. This collection of archives helps enrich our understanding of an iconic aspect of Hong Kong visual culture.
Arranged by format and chronologically.


Object Number
Archival Level
38 items
Credit Line
M+, Hong Kong. Gift of China Neonlight Advertising Co., 2015

Photographs of neon signs

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Design sketch, neon sign for Wealth Banquet

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