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Neon sign of Kai Kee Mahjong parlour installed at a rooftop in a building in Hong Kong. The sign consists of a light blue plaque that reads 「雞記麻雀耍樂」from right to left in Chinese characters (which translates to the name of the mahjong parlour) and a lateral shape of a right-facing rooster. The building is topped with corrugated metal roof sheets, while antennae and metal nets can be seen planted on the rooftops across neighbouring buildings.

Conserving Neon Culture

Conserving Neon Culture

12 Nov 2021

Neon signs define Hong Kong’s visual culture through their representations in film, visual art, literature, and other cultural forms. Since 2013, M+ has been acquiring neon signs from the streets of Hong Kong, not only to celebrate their cultural significance but also to preserve these iconic objects that are steadily disappearing from the city's visual landscape. The signs of Sammy’s Kitchen and Kai Kee Mahjong parlour are the first two neons to enter the M+ Collection. By examining them, we gain insight into their design, typography, engineering, and craft. Their journey from the streets into M+ is also the starting point for our research into the long-term preservation and conservation of neons, not just in Hong Kong, but also across the globe.

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Image at top: Neon sign for Kai Kee Mahjong parlour. M+, Hong Kong. Photo: Cpak Studio