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Dear Loneliness

Dear Loneliness

2 Aug 2022
31 Dec 2022
Location: Mediatheque

For centuries, the urban condition has been associated with a melancholic sense of loneliness. Despite living in proximity to our neighbours, we often find ourselves experiencing a pervasive sense of isolation, a feeling that has only been exacerbated during pandemic times.

Dear Loneliness: Urban Solitude on Screen foregrounds moving image practices that have arisen from everyday feelings of solitude within cities. By creating unique spatial and temporal experiences through the moving image, these artists transcend individualised time and space to generate shared meanings and experiences. Whether by exchanging video letters, voicing inner grievances, or tracing the past life of a late writer, these moving image works express a longing for human connection. At the same time, they present opportunities for loneliness to be resisted and redeemed, unfurling narratives that help us to find solace on screen—alone, or together.

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