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Collage of three vertical images of the same subject from different angels. Each image features a futuristic landscape with enormous silver crystalline structures planted on rocky mountains, where a child— dressed in a shiny blue bodysuit and helmet and a backpack—walks towards the viewer on a rugged surface. In the rightmost image, a giant but slender humanoid walks by in a distance.



HUMAN ONE is a kinetic video sculpture by the artist Beeple. The dynamic work shows the first human born inside the metaverse, a 3D virtual world accessible only through the internet. The traveller in an astronaut suit treks forward in an endless, evolving virtual landscape shown in a spinning box-like structure with four LED screens. The journey is a metaphor for human progress, which reminds us of the continued blurring of our own digital and physical existence. HUMAN ONE is an ongoing conversation in response to current events and interests over the course of the artist’s life.

Beeple will remotely update the virtual landscape from time to time with elements from the internet and his own practice.


Beeple. HUMAN ONE, 2021. Four-channel digital video sculpture (colour, silent), polished aluminium and mahogany wood support. Dynamic non-fungible token. Courtesy of Ryan Zurrer’s personal collection. Photo courtesy of Christie's Images Ltd.

About the Artist

Beeple (b. 1981, United States) is the professional moniker of Mike Winkelmann, a leading digital artist and designer active over the past twenty years. His rapid rise to public prominence in recent years helped to highlight the growing influence of digitally generated art. Diverse in style, Beeple’s work incorporates references from pop culture, science fiction, and politics, often with a sardonic edge. Central to his artistic practice is his Everydays project, for which he uploads images daily to his website for public critique and learns a new technical skill every year.

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Image at top: Installation view of Beeple: HUMAN ONE, 2022. Photo: Lok Cheng. M+, Hong Kong