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Individuals, Networks, Expressions

Individuals, Networks, Expressions

12 Nov 2021
5 Feb 2023
Location: South Galleries

An expansive story of art from the 1950s to now

The artists and artworks presented in Individuals, Networks, Expressions form a complex web of connections. Together, they create a story of visual art that unfolds across time and intertwines individual and shared experiences. At the centre of this web is Asia, a geographic designation and a broad cultural space that informs a spectrum of identities, histories, and perspectives. The artists featured in this exhibition make use of a vast array of techniques, materials, formats, and methods to reflect on their cultural or social contexts or on larger shifts in the geopolitical world order.

Highlighted Objects on Display

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Image at top: Pacita Abad. I Have One Million Things to Say, 2002. Oil on muslin cloth stitched on canvas. M+, Hong Kong. © Pacita Abad Art Estate. Photo: At Maculangan