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Interior view of M+ Museum's reception area, which features an LED screen wrapped around a column spiralling names of M+ supporters—illuminated in pink and white—horizontally with a gentle upward inclination. Behind it, translucent dome-shaped lamps suspend from the ceiling above a four-sided information desk where staff members in orange t-shirts are stationed.

M+ Donor Wall

M+ Donor Wall

12 Nov 2021
Location: Main Hall

Texture is a digital composition of text displayed on an LED screen. It is a timeless and unassuming work inspired by analogue split-flap information boards as well as the tactile quality of words engraved on historical sites.

Visible from various angles upon entering the museum, our supporters' names spiral gently upwards on one of the central structural columns holding up the M+ building, symbolising their support to the museum’s continued success. Commissioned by M+, the Donor Wall is created by acclaimed designer Nakamura Yugo and his team at tha Ltd.

About the Artist

Nakamura Yugo is considered one of Japan's leading web and interaction designers, having studied engineering, architecture, and landscape design. He is a professor at Tama Art University and has created websites and digital works for clients including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Issey Miyake, and Uniqlo. Nakamura has exhibited and lectured in Asia, the United States, and Europe. His works have been shown at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Vienna Künstlerhaus in Vienna, and the Design Museum in London. Nakamura is the founder of the web development company, tha Ltd.