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Shirley Tse:
Stakes and Holders

Shirley Tse:
Stakes and Holders

1 Jul 2020
1 Nov 2020
Location: M+ Pavilion

Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders presents sculptural work and installations by the Los Angeles-based Hong Kong artist Shirley Tse. Tse’s site-responsive presentation uses sculpture as a way of thinking to explore contrasting positions, processes, and materials. She works with wood, plastics, and objects, such as studio and sports equipment, as well as the techniques of turning on a lathe, 3D printing, and amateur radio transmission. Tse addresses the concepts of agency, negotiation, and connection in a pluralistic world, drawing on both histories and imaginations. The exhibition responds to Shirley Tse: Stakeholders, Hong Kong in Venice, Hong Kong’s presence at the Venice Biennale in 2019.

Installation artwork consisting of various sculptures made of wood laid out across the floor.

Shirley Tse, 'Playcourt' (detail), dimensions variable, installation view of Shirley Tse: Stakes and Holders, 2020. ©M+ and the artist. Commissioned by M+, 2020. Photo: Ringo Cheung

Exhibition Booklet and Layout