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Ink on silk depicting the sceneries of the Xiang River in a horizontal composition. Painted in muted colours, a rocky cove surrounded by rugged mountains encircles a quiet river as rolling clouds drift across the landscape.

The Dream of the Museum

The Dream of the Museum

Artistic practices traversing time and cultures

In the 1960s, Conceptual Art was born. Rather than objects or images, this kind of art is about ideas. Two ideas, in particular, have been important to the development of Conceptual Art since its earliest days: that chance can play a determining role in the creative process and that everyday, found objects can become works of art through deliberate intervention. The Dream of the Museum expands the concept of found objects to show how artists use cultures as source material to update tradition. It begins with four pioneers—Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Nam June Paik–and brings together twenty-seven artists from across geographies and generations who explore chance and found objects. Like these artists, the exhibition reimagines the museum and its collection as a treasure box that allows us to discover the world in new ways.

Highlighted Objects on Display

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Image at top: Hao Liang. Eight Views of Xiaoxiang–Dazzle, 2015. Ink on silk. M+, Hong Kong. © Hao Liang