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黃炳培 Stanley Wong

Stanley Wong, aka anothermountainman, is an artist, photographer, and designer who sometimes describes himself as a ‘social worker of visual communications’. Wong graduated from the Design and Technology programme of the Hong Kong Technical Teachers’ College (now the Hong Kong Institute of Education) in 1980. Over the next two decades, he worked first as a graphic designer and later as a creative director with major international advertising firms. In 2002, Wong co-founded Threetwoone Film Production Limited; it was also around this time that he began to produce artwork that expresses his affection for his birthplace, Hong Kong. The Hong Kong perspective is an important element of Wong’s practice, as he frequently embodies and translates characteristics of the city into various design and art projects. In 2000, Wong launched the redwhiteblue series of posters, sculptural objects, and installations, which directly references the distinctive red, white, and blue plastic material invented in Hong Kong in the 1960s. The series has earned him local and international acclaim and was shown in the 51st Venice Biennale (2005). More recently, Wong has branched out to explore wider contemporary social issues, incorporating them with Buddhist ideas on the role of memory, the limits of representation, and the meaning of life and death in works such as the photography series, Lanwei (2006–2012). Spanning art and design, Wong’s oeuvre signposts the interdisciplinary practice of Hong Kong’s visual culture.

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