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Festival Lounge Offerings

Language: Cantonese, English
Audience: Everyone

Festival Lounge Offerings

In addition to the Grand Stair, Cinema House, and Horizon Terrace, the AAGFF Festival Lounge at the M+ Moving Image Centre will offer a new space for the community to come together to celebrate outstanding alternative moving image practices, their creative resonances, and associated scholarship. The Festival Lounge will feature site-specific artworks by contemporary makers and a diverse range of programmes, including artist talks, animation and screen printing workshops, book talks, film presentations, and exhibition tours led by M+ curators.

As a vital space for discovery, relaxation, and friendship, festivalgoers are encouraged to engage with one another, exchange ideas, and build connections. Whether you are a seasoned cinephile, an aspiring artist, or simply curious, the Festival Lounge offers a welcoming and enriching environment for all.

Festival Lounge Offerings
Festival Lounge Offerings

Art Installation

Pop-up Talks


Guided Tours

Vinyl DJ Sets

Image at top: Wong Ping. False Awakening, 2024. Photo: Courtesy of the artist