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LuYang Illusory World

Director: LuYang
Format: 60 min.
Language: Multiple
Audience: Everyone
Location: Grand Stair
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Ticket Information

Standard: HKD 120

Concession: HKD 96

This performance contains some sensitive content that may not be suitable for children.

LuYang Illusory World

LuYang is a Chinese new media artist who skilfully merges digital technologies with ancient Buddhist philosophies. Their work delves into the realms of neuroscience and religion, using cutting-edge technologies and video game aesthetics to explore the concept of 'existence'.

For LuYang Illusory World, the performance at M+, his work will incorporate various avatars and protagonists from their troves and past works, including the renowned ‘DOKU’. The digital characters are derived from religious philosophy, video games, and anime. The work consists of a performance where a dancer, wearing motion capture technology, embodies the often-genderless avatar forms as digital reincarnations. In an intense audiovisual experience, the work prompts contemplation of the current human condition—the inhibition at the intersection of the bodily, spiritual, and digital realms. The performance also includes live music by Li Xin and virtual visual effects manipulated live by a game controller.

Asian Avant-Garde Film Festival Guests
Asian Avant-Garde Film Festival Guests

About the Artist

LuYang is a creator based in Tokyo and Shanghai. His recent solo institution exhibitions include venues such as the Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris, Mudec Museum in Milan, Kunsthalle Basel Museum in Switzerland, PalaisPopulaire in Berlin, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark, Kunstpalais Museum in Erlangen, and MOCA Cleveland. He participated in the Venice Biennale in both 2022 and 2015, among other major institutional exhibitions and biennials and triennials. LuYang was awarded the BMW Art Journey in 2019, and he is also the winner of the Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year 2022 award.

Portrait of LuYang

Image at top: LuYang. Gigant Doku – LuYang the Destroyer, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.