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Artist: Chai Siris, Cici Wu, Jiang Zhi, Koo Donghee, Saroot Supasuthivech, Tada Hengsapkul
Language: Multiple
Audience: Everyone
Location: Grand Stair


The meta-home is a home beyond a home. This screening programme examines the hyperconnectivity of homes situated within a vast chain of minutely intertwined invisible networks. It presents various forms of metaphysical imagination beyond our domestic spaces, including homes connected with the virtual world, ways of existing in the digital era, possibilities for spatial expansion into different dimensions, and mental and spiritual connections that transcend technological ones.

Due to M+'s temporary closure under COVID-19 restrictions, the screening associated with this programme has been cancelled.

500,000 Years

Chai Siris | 2016 | Colour | Sound | 16 min 17 sec

Loan courtesy of the artist

'The old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear,’ Antonio Gramsci wrote. Set in Lampang, 500,000 Years visits an archaeological site where fossils of Homo Erectus was found seventeen years ago. Although the site has been largely forgotten, locals often paid their visits to perform spiritual activities. One evening during an outdoor cinema screening, something unexpected happened.

Chai Siris, 500,000 Years.jpg

500,000 Years, Chai Siris. 2016. © Chai Siris

Unfinished Return of Yu Man Hon

Cici Wu | 2019 | Colour | Sound | 19 min 17 sec

M+, Hong Kong

Unfinished Return of Yu Man Hon was inspired by the real-life disappearance of Yu Man-hon, an autistic boy who crossed the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border in 2000 and was never found again. The film reimagines the return of Yu Man-hon as an enlightened spirit. It tells an abstract narrative in which Yu Man-hon returns to the material world, retrieving lost memories of his own disappearance in the process.

Cici Wu, Unfinished Return of Yu Man Hon.jpg

Unfinished Return of Yu Man Hon, Cici Wu. 2019. © Cici Wu

Fly, Fly

Jiang Zhi | 1997 | Colour | Sound | 5 min 15 sec

Loan courtesy of the artist

Fly, Fly evokes the situation of city dwellers who long to escape their tiny, cramped apartments through a hand mimicking the movements of a bird soaring in flight. The work addresses the politics of migration and the body, China’s urbanisation, and the cultural status of the media and prompts the awakening of one’s will.

Shireen Seno, To Pick a Flower.jpg

Fly, Fly, Jiang Zhi. 1997. © Jiang Zhi


Koo Donghee | 2016 | Colour | Sound | 23 min 59 sec

Loan courtesy of the artist

CrossxPollination was inspired by a neighbourhood pub called Prince Hof and a showroom run by Royal and Co., a bathroom interior company formerly known as Royal TOTO. Bathrooms are generally considered private, closed spaces, whereas pubs are public. Yet, in this showroom, the bathroom is open, while the pub is rather insular, only frequented by known patrons. With their nature reversed, the two settings share visual similarities with features such as mirrors and TV monitors. Everyday activities in these settings are juxtaposed with images of corn, bubbles, animals, and valleys—weaving together space and time, reality and fantasy. Koo examines how communication transpires in different places and situations through her interventions.

Koo Donghee, Cross×Pollination.JPG

CrossxPollination, Koo Donghee. 2016. © Koo Donghee

CCTV of Security Guard

Saroot Supasuthivech | 2019 | B/W | Sound | 8 min 12 sec

Loan courtesy of the artist

The footage shown in CCTV of Security Guard is divided into multiple screens, similar to a CCTV monitor. The coming together of the site-specific history and the memory of a security guard, who might have spent much more in the site than other people, makes the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre look like a living organism. The CCTV footage, at the same time, naturally shifts the viewer to a surveilling point of view. The rendered image of the art centre floats on the black screen in a limbo state with no place to go, representing the image of today’s ghost in the digital age of government interference and the internet.

Saroot Supasuthivech, CCTV of Security Guard.jpg

CCTV of Security Guard, Saroot Supasuthivech. 2019. © Saroot Supasuthivech

Image at top: Photo courtesy of Chai Siris. © Chai Siris