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R. Buckminster Fuller 巴克敏斯特‧富勒

1895–1983, United States
R. Buckminster Fuller (American, 1895-1983) was an architect, theorist, and futurist who made an enormous impact on the design, architecture, popular culture, and social discourse of the 20th century. Driven in large part by environmental and social concerns, Fuller, who coined the term "Spaceship Earth," was a progressive who promoted technology and human ingenuity as solutions to human problems. While he is most widely remembered as the inventor of the geodesic dome, Fuller's other well-known creations include his affordable, mass-produced, energy-efficient, and easily transportable Dymaxion House; the aerodynamic Dymaxion Car; and the World Game, which promoted a democratic, global, and design science approach to addressing the problems of the world. In addition to these and other proposals, Fuller proved highly influential to generations of designers and thinkers as both an author and educator.
Works by R. Buckminster Fuller include Book/Periodical, Collage, Architectural Drawing, Archival Documentation, Design Drawing, Drawing, Ephemera, Poster, Photography, Sculpture, Print and Architectural Photography.

There are 184 objects by R. Buckminster Fuller from the M+ Collection Archives and the M+ Collection available online.