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Family Day: Imagination Playground

Type: Family Programme
Length: 40 min
Language: Multiple
Audience: Children & Families
Location: The Forum

Family Day: Imagination Playground

Power open-ended games with your imagination! Imagination Playground is made of large cubes and modules of different shapes and forms that can be easily configured and moved around. It inspires child-directed free play in a safe environment using hand-eye coordination skills to create and invent imaginary forms and structures. With no set rules and limitations, children can experiment with endless possibilities with their creativity. Join hands with others and explore through play!

Imagination Playground is suitable for children from ages four to ten. We recommend one adult member to join the session together.

The forty-minute workshop is available on a first-come, first-served and drop-in basis. No registration is required.

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About Family Day

Family Day brings forward family-orientated events on Sundays during the second half of each month. We invite families to share their creativity through various types of activities that foster deeper connections among members and with other families as we come together to form a vibrant family collage on an open platform at M+.

Image at top: Imagination Playground, 2021. Photo: Jeff Kwong. © M+, Hong Kong