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Young People Summer Takeover Workshop:
Nest Reconstruction

Artist: Sherman Lam Hin Fung
Type: Workshop
Language: Multiple
Audience: Young People
Location: Workshop 1

Young People Summer Takeover Workshop:
Nest Reconstruction

This event is for participants ages sixteen to twenty-four.

What does a home mean to you? For some, it may be a nest of refuge. For others, it may be a feeling of belonging.

We can often retrace our identity by reflecting on the connection to our home. Architectural designer Sherman Lam and members of M+ Young Collective will re-construct a space that symbolises a home with objects found in our daily lives. You will respond to a series of questions to record your memories and reimagine a home in creative ways. This interactive ‘home-building’ workshop will offer everyone an opportunity to reflect on their relationships with their homes and brainstorm inspiration for the future.

About the Artist

Sherman Lam graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. He interprets his thoughts in the form of photography and architecture and explores the relationship between nature, our living space, and people. Lam is founder of Team Tombolo, an experimental community building project established in 2018 which aims to re-enact the networks between indigenous people of rural spaces and others. Lam participated in the 2018 Summer Camp as a university volunteer.

About M+ Young Collective

The M+ Young Collective volunteer programme is supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong, which engages fifteen local tertiary students and recent graduates. They work closely with the M+ team and creative practitioners from various disciplines to develop, plan, and deliver public programmes.

About Young People Summer Takeover: Retrograde

The Young People Summer Takeover programme features a series of creative events over the course of two weeks in August. Inspired by our past M+ Summer Camps, the programme continues to encourage young people to think outside the box, discover new perspectives on everyday life, and flex their creativity when responding to challenges.

The theme of this year’s Summer Takeover is ‘Retrograde’. The programme inspires participants to re-examine preconceived thinking and explore their paths in various paces, trajectories, and directions. ‘Retrograde’ references the apparent backwards motion of a plane. It is also a metaphor that prompts young people to reassess their journeys of self-discovery. By navigating the world from fresh perspectives, they can respond to today’s ever-changing environment in different ways when confronted with confusion and uncertainty.

Image at Top: Sherman Lam. Photo: Courtesy of the artist