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31 Aug 2024
Location: The Studio

A.A.Murakami (est. 2011) is a Tokyo- and London-based artist duo formed by Alexander Groves (b. 1983) and Azusa Murakami (b. 1984). Their multidisciplinary practice straddles the spheres of sculpture, installation, cinema, and digital art, creating experiences that augment their science-based inquiries with moments of daring and spectacle.

The exhibition will feature two interlinked immersive installations which offer an otherworldly experience: one traces the journeys of physical fog rings travelling into the digital realm, and the other reveals an environment of floating bubble clouds. With transient materials and the innovative application of custom-built technology, these two large-scale installations inspire visitors to question philosophical ideas about the nature of reality, artifice, and the digital lives that we increasingly embody within today's contemporary landscape. The presentation at M+ further develops the duo’s pioneering concept of ‘Ephemeral Tech’, in which innovative technological research is used to reimagine primordial origins and to speculate possible future scenarios.

Photo: Petr Krejčí. Courtesy of A.A.Murakami

Still from The Passage of Ra. Courtesy of A.A.Murakami

Image at top: Photo: Petr Krejčí. Courtesy of A.A.Murakami