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Digital graphic still of green and blue mountains

Shirley Wu:
hong kong artists, women

Shirley Wu:
hong kong artists, women

17 Mar 2020

Shirley Wu invites you to explore a mesmerising visualisation of data drawn from Wikipedia, the most widely read online encyclopedia. As you scroll through the mountainscape of hong kong artists, women, the nuances of the online underrepresentation of Hong Kong women artists are gradually revealed.

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The work raises important questions about the reliability of user-generated content and the authenticity of data. Responding to these controversies, art historian and critic Kerry Doran investigated into data visualisation—its forms, its history, its applications, and the rhetoric built around it.

About the Artist

Shirley Wu is an award-winning creative focused on data-driven art and visualisations. She has worked with global organisations such as Google, The Guardian, SFMOMA, and NBC Universal to develop custom, highly interactive data visualisations. She combines her love of art, math, and code into colourful, compelling narratives that push the boundaries of the web.

About Digital Commissions

M+ is committed to providing platforms for projects by creative practitioners who propose new frameworks and discussions for visual culture. M+ launched its ongoing series of digital commissions in 2018 to address aspects of digital culture today, pointing to new, pressing lines of enquiry. The experimental, browser-based works in this series explore the intersection of visual culture and technology, encompassing data visualisation, interactive design, gamification, and creative technology.

Image at top: Shirley Wu, hong kong artists, women, 2020 © Shirley Wu