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Di/Visible Re/Public

Di/Visible Re/Public

1 Sept 2022
31 Dec 2022
Location: Mediatheque
More Info:

This programme was available for audiences outside of Hong Kong on Eventive.

Di/Visible Re/Public is a video programme of twelve works by artists, filmmakers, and new media practitioners from the Philippines. Comprising artist performances, community videos, creative documentaries, archival films, and code-generated art, the latest Lost Frames selection is an attempt to redirect attention from the spectacle of conventional film and video practices to the critical approaches and alternative viewing practices that thrive on the margins. The programme considers the various ways that divisive issues can be rendered visually. Di/Visible Re/Public offers a lens through which to observe the current state of the Philippines in relation to its political history and divergent nature. In grappling with contemporary conditions, the featured works explore, inevitably, notions of private versus public and the self versus the state.

About Lost Frames

Lost Frames is a non-profit, community-based initiative for showcasing artists’ moving images in the Philippines. It started with a small group of artists in Manila who organised evening events that included presentations of work and discussion alongside a video projector. Since then, Lost Frames has become a platform for artists to share their work and ideas, extending beyond video into the general conditions of art and image-making.

Lost Frames has staged regular screenings and talks, and its programmes have been hosted by institutions in the Philippines and abroad. Some of Lost Frames’s notable screening events include collaborations with the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila (2016); Gasworks London (2017); the first Manila Biennale, Manila (2018); Cultural Centre of the Philippines, Manila (2018); The Unconfined Cinema at Art Fair Philippines, Makati (2020); and Movements of Persistence (2021), a three-part online event in cooperation with The Japan Foundation.

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