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A display plinth in a white room with several pieces of furniture and objects; from left to right on the plinth is a floor lamp, a framed illustration, two colourful plates, two triangular objects on a stand and a long cubic shape covered with brown and yellow stripes.

Shifting Objectives:
Design from the M+ Collection

Shifting Objectives:
Design from the M+ Collection

30 Nov 2016
5 Feb 2017
Location: M+ Pavilion

M+’s debut design exhibition–Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection–explores the many concepts and frameworks that have shaped and broadened our understanding of design. Featuring dozens of key objects and works–from mid-twentieth century Japanese furniture, to familiar products from Hong Kong’s manufacturing heyday, to drones, ‘copied’ goods, and digitally-enabled and open-source practices–this groundbreaking show illustrates how design philosophies and practices have changed from the post-Second World War period until now. In so doing, Shifting Objectives outlines the growing contours of the M+ design collection, which is the first of its kind in Asia and a core pillar of M+.

Installation artworks are showcased. On the left, taking up more than half of the image is a piece of work filled with icons in various colours. On the right bottom corner, is a robot-like sculpture.

Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection, installation view at the M+ Pavilion, 2016. ©M+, Hong Kong

Exhibition Map