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Imbalance and Coexistence

Imbalance and Coexistence

28 Mar 2023
30 Sept 2023
Location: Mediatheque
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Sprawling societies have a profound impact on the ecosystem and the community by altering urban and rural landscapes rapidly. Although efforts are made to harness urban development, humans are by no means exempt from its fallout, even though we think we are the ones in control.

Urban/Rural: Imbalance and Coexistence presents a series of moving image works that explores the relationship between humans, cities, and nature in the context of Asian regions. These works are of different forms and styles, ranging from thought-provoking performances, authentic direct cinema, alarming imaginations of the apocalypse, to eerie aesthetics of spatial cinematics, all capturing the various facets of the city and the countryside as they reform and evolve. Framing the issue of sprawling societies from the perspectives of history, politics, society, economy, and urban development, this programme also prompts audiences to reflect on the future of the urban and the rural.

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Image at top: Li Binyuan. Still from Freedom Farming, 2014. Single-channel digital video, colour, sound, 5 min. 2 sec. M+, Hong Kong. M+ Council for New Art Fund, 2018. © Li Binyuan