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Lo Lai Lai Natalie, ‘Deliberately Flow’
Lo Lai Lai Natalie, ‘Deliberately Flow’

The movements of farming appear like a natural daily dance but also reflect the futility of life.

Lo Lai Lai Natalie

Are we acting with intention or letting nature take its course? We exist with nature after thousands of years. Under the light that shines through the rice stems and leaves, we are able to restrain our beastly instincts. Is this the result of self-awareness or is it a coincidence or destiny?

About Video Commissions

M+ is committed to providing platforms for projects by creative practitioners who propose new frameworks and discussions for visual culture. Hong Kong as Mise-en-scène is a video commission initiative launched in 2022 to support emerging talents and to foster conversations with local creatives.

Lo Lai Lai Natalie
Lo Lai Lai Natalie

Lo Lai Lai Natalie was born in Hong Kong. She received her BA degree in fine arts and MFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. A former travel journalist, Lo now shifts between writing, farming, and art. Her interests lie in food, farming, fermentation, surveillance, and meditation. She has a farming practice and uses photography and moving images as a means to interact with nature. Her artworks are part of collector Dr Uli Sigg's private collection and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.  She received the Gold Award in the Media Art Category at the 26th ifva Awards in 2021.

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