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Nine rows of sixteen emojis depicting different images and with different monochromatic colours. Each emoji fits into just twelve by twelve pixels.

Did you know that emojis are twenty years old? And that the original design sketches of the first ever emojis are in the M+ Collections? Fitting within a tiny 12x12 pixel frame, they were developed in 1999 by Japanese telecommunication company NTT DOCOMO INC alongside its launch of i-mode, the world’s first mobile telephone internet service.

The graphic designs of the first 176 emojis were created by Kurita Shigetaka and architect Aoki Jun, with a second batch of seventy-six released in 2002. Kurita came up with the visual system of emojis to help convey information on the small phone screens.

So, this leads to one important question: which of these original emojis best fits your personality? Take the quiz below to find out.

All emoji images ©NTT DOCOMO, INC.

This quiz was originally published on M+ Stories.

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