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Benny Woo, ‘PILLARS’
Benny Woo, ‘PILLARS’

Through a series of variegated trajectories that leads us to different places and characters, the film explores collective memories and the evolving ways we perceive an image.

Benny Woo

PILLARS is a heartfelt antidote to the stereotypes in social media that shape our identities and experiences today. The film inspects different elements of mise-en-scène through the viewfinder to reveal the ways we entertain ourselves in Hong Kong’s bustling landscape.

Zooming into the live streams of eight sets of characters of diverse ages and from different backgrounds, the intertwined narratives are centred on the archetypal and performative moments in people’s lives and illuminate the role we play as architects of our own identities and realities.


Created by

Benny Woo

Commissioned by

M+, Hong Kong

Director, Concept, Cinematographer, Editor, Colourist, Sound Designer

Benny Woo

Executive Producer, Concept, Story

Anais Mak

Producer, Stylist, Casting

Leung Pak Ting

Art Director

Ip Yi


Hanna Chan, Leung Pak Ting, Ip Yi, Olivia Xiaolin, Oskar Cho, Queko Tsoi, Foxla Chiu, Marco Li, Fumi Lau, TT Lui, Sam Wang, Blake Cheng, Wong Wang Fat, Tang Yee Sen, Tang Tin Chai, Connie Wong, Margaret Chan, Lau Man Chuen, Chan Chin Ho, Quinton So

Still Photographer

Leung Pak Ting


Anais Mak

Monologue Text

Benny Woo

Line Producer

Kammy Cheng

Production Assistant

Marco Li

Assistant Camera

Chan Chin Ho


Cliff Chik, Charlene Bo


Leung Pak Ting


Heisan Hung

Make-up Assistant

Chesney Lau

Ending Theme

‘Mosquito (Tzusing Remix)’ Performed by Model/Actriz. Courtesy of True Panther, By arrangement with Low Profile

Special Thanks

My Kan Wonderland, Hong Kong Coliseum, Ringo Tang, Sam Lui, Fotan Laiki, Aspasia Tsoi, Candog Ha, Leslie Cheung, Baby G, Zenox, Golden Bull, 華利園合時桃花

About Video Commissions

M+ is committed to providing platforms for projects by creative practitioners who propose new frameworks and discussions for visual culture. Hong Kong as Mise-en-scène is a video commission initiative launched in 2022 to support emerging talents and to foster conversations with local creatives.

Benny Woo
Benny Woo

Born and based in Hong Kong, Benny Woo is a visual artist and director whose works traverse the disciplines of fashion, art, theatre, culture, and technology. His pieces often involve  observation of contemporary habits as well as appropriation and discourse of visual treatments and narrative experiences in the mass media.

Woo’s works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Asian Art Biennial (Taiwan), Next Wave Festival (Australia) and Antimatter Film Festival (Canada). Both of his fashion films World of Realms (2020) and Castle Peak Heights (2021) premiered at official calendar of Paris Fashion Week and NOWNESS Asia

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