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About the Mediatheque

Designed as a gallery, library, and lounge, the Mediatheque is a sanctuary for moving image art, unique to M+. As a space for research, education, and entertainment, you can view on-demand an ever-expanding collection of single-channel artists’ videos by browsing our curated playlists; searching for specific titles; or filtering by categories such as artist, era, duration, geography, or theme. Our viewing booths are designed for one to six people, accommodating both individuals and groups.

You can also encounter virtual reality, videogames, and other digital art experiences in our Interactive Media Room—a soundproof space in the Mediatheque designed for immersive and playable artworks created by some of the most exciting digital makers of our time.

Viewing Booths can be reserved up to two months in advance. The Interactive Media Room can be reserved for one person at a time. Drop-in visits are also welcome. For further enquiries, please email us or telephone (852) 2200 0515.

M+ Moving Image Collection

Spanning genres and geographies, the Mediatheque holds an exceptional selection of more than 250 single-channel videos from the M+ Collections, from the 1950s to the present. Visitors can view on-demand video art, artist performances, experimental films, documentaries, animations, digital art, and more. All works are presented in their original language, with subtitles and closed-captions available in English and Traditional Chinese.

Introduction to the Mediatheque
Introduction to the Mediatheque

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