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La Flor II

Year: 2018
Director: Mariano Llinas
Format: DCP/ Category IIB
Type: Screening
Length: 412 min. (with two intermissions)
Language: Multiple (with English subtitles)
Audience: Everyone
Location: House 1

La Flor II

A decade in the making and filmed around the world, La Flor is composed of six distinct episodes, each starring the same four actresses. Over a span of fourteen hours, it transforms from a monster movie to a musical to a spy thriller to a metafiction to a remake of a French classic and, finally, to an enigmatic period piece.

Episode III (Act 3)
Four legendary female spies must kidnap a scientist from the hands of their deadly adversaries.

Episode IV
While the director procrastinates with his production, four fed-up actresses provoke the suspicions of a paranormal investigator.

Episode V
A near silent, black-and-white depiction of a dalliance between two city women and two country boys, based loosely on Jean Renoir’s A Day in the Country (1936).

Episode VI
Bringing La Flor to a close, four women wander a barren landscape as intertitles narrate an Englishwoman’s escape from Native Americans in the nineteenth century.

La Flor II will be screened with two intermissions.

Mariano Llinas. La Flor, 2018. Photo: Courtesy of El Pampero Cine

Mariano Llinas. La Flor, 2018. Photo: Courtesy of El Pampero Cine

About the Director

Mariano Llinás (b. 1975, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. Llinás graduated from the Universidad del Cine de Argentina, where he currently teaches. He is the son of writer, art critic, publicist, and surrealist poet Julio Llinás and brother of renowned actress Verónica Llinás, who often appears in his films. He is known for Balnearios (2002), Extraordinary Stories (2008), La Flor (2018), and Corsini Sings Blomberg & Maciel (2021).

Image at top: Mariano Llinas. La Flor, 2018. Photo: Courtesy of El Pampero Cine