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Film Course:
Women Make Film

Film Course:
Women Make Film


Programme: Film Course: Women Make Film
Dates: 2 Jul 2022–13 Aug 2022
Language: Multiple (with Chinese and English subtitles)
Location: House 1
'Women Make Film' Trailer
'Women Make Film' Trailer

About the Programme

Almost twenty years in the making and running at fourteen hours, Mark Cousins’ epic documentary, Women Make Film, can be described as a passion project. It is an in-depth and exhaustive exploration of a selection of works by women directors spanning across twelve decades and five continents. The documentary is a celebration of international women filmmakers as well as a masterclass on the art and craft of cinema. It weaves together over 700 clips drawn from various films into one cohesive whole structured by forty topic-orientated chapters that explore themes, genres, and techniques used in cinematography.

About the Film Course

Learn about the art and craft of filmmaking through the lens of the world’s greatest women directors with this series of seven film classes at M+ Cinema. Each film class explores five or six chapters of Women Make Film and consists of two sixty-minute screenings, each followed by a discussion with a filmmaker and a critic.

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