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Lui Shou-kwan Archive 呂壽琨檔案

The Lui Shou-kwan Archive comprises a wealth of primary materials encompassing the artist's creative process, thoughts, teaching endeavours, networking activities, exhibitions, and publications. Included within the archive are approximately twenty drawings and sketchbooks, with a particular focus on landscape art. Additionally, there are three sets of manuscripts that delve into Lui's essays on painting and art education, speeches, lecture plans, and notes. The collection also encompasses around 600 photographic materials, which serve as documentation of his artworks, exhibitions, and personal life.

Furthermore, the archive houses five sets of letters and correspondence, as well as approximately 200 publications that serve as reference materials for Lui's artistic creations. Additionally, there are another 200 publications in the collection, consisting of exhibition catalogues that were collected by Lui himself. The archive also preserves audio materials related to Lui's lectures, alongside thirteen groups of notebooks and diaries dating from the 1960s to the 1970s. Finally, miscellaneous objects round out the collection, providing further insights into Lui Shou-kwan's life and career.

As for related materials in M+ Collection, several works by Lui can be found: 2013.267, 2014.54, 2014.55, 2014.73, 2014.74, 2014.75, 2014.76, 2014.77, 2016.685, 2016.692, 2016.812, 2016.813, 2018.12, 2018.13, and 2018.14.

Lui Shou-kwan Archive was acquired by M+ in 2019. M+ is committed to the preservation and to the arrangement and description of the Archive to the highest international standards. As sections of the archive are catalogued, they will be made available on the M+ Collections website.
This archive is being catalogued. Information will be released periodically.


Object Number
Archive Creator
Archival Level
Object Count
2077 items
Credit Line
M+, Hong Kong. Gift in honour of Lui Shou-kwan, 2019

Lui Shou-kwan's drawings

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Lui Shou-kwan's manuscripts and writings

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Lui Shou-kwan's photographic materials

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Lui Shou-kwan's letters and correspondence

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Newspaper clippings and articles related to Lui Shou-kwan

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Books and publication related to Lui Shou-kwan

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Exhibition catalogues collected by Lui Shou-kwan

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Audio material related to Lui Shou-kwan and his lectures

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Lui Shou-kwan's notebooks

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Miscellaneous materials related to Lui Shou-kwan

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