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18 Ways to Create or Mute Sound

27 Nov
Online Viewing Experience
This event is full
28 Nov
Online Viewing Experience
This event is full
Artist: Gaybird
Type: Performance
Language: Multiple
Audience: Everyone
Location: Grand Stair

18 Ways to Create or Mute Sound

What is going through your mind when your visual and auditory perceptions are not synchronised?

Multimedia artist Gaybird specialises in discovering, challenging, and exploring cross-disciplinary creativity between audio culture and visual art. Making use of the M+ building's unique architectural characteristics, Gaybird interlaces sounds collected from the museum with imagery and the physical space around us to create unexpected audio-visual stimulation that heightens our senses. Enjoy this immersive experience at M+ or tune in online.

For access features, Sign Language Interpretation will not applicable for this non-dialogue based event.

Tune in to this performance virtually.

About the Artist

Gaybird is an award-winning music director, composer, producer, and media artist based in Hong Kong. His recent works combine technology, visuals, craftsmanship, and installation art, offering a comprehensive music experience. 

His works have been nominated or awarded in Asian Composer League Music Competition, CASH Golden Sail Music Award, Hong Kong Film Award, and Taiwan Golden House Film Award. Gaybird’s sound installations have been featured across the globe, including Home, a commissioned solo exhibition in Australia. His sound installation Fidgety, received the 3D/Interactive Award at the 2018 Lumen Prize from the UK.

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Portrait of Gaybird. Photo: Vic Shing @ MusicSurveillance

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