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Community Festival:
Joining Hands

Type: Festival
Language: Multiple
Audience: Everyone
Location: Various Locations
17 Jun 2022
19 Jun 2022

Community Festival:
Joining Hands

The pandemic has prompted us to cherish every moment spent together, deepening the bonds of many families and friends.

'Community Festival: Joining Hands' at M+ invites everyone to reunite and reconnect with each other through a series of events. In this three-day festival, creative practitioners from various fields will introduce different ways to explore our surroundings, inspiring everyone to maintain an open mind towards change.

‘Community Festival’ welcomes visitors of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities to interact and connect with artists, makers, and the community. All you need to be is curious!

2021, Vic Shing @Music Surveillance. © Ear Up Music

Idea Sculpture, 2021. © Pak Sheung Chuen. Photo: Courtey of South Ho @

Family Day Thematic Workshop: Eyes on Me. © M+, Hong Kong. Photo: Courtesy of Sean Wong

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Cheng

Photo: Courtesy of Human Wu

Imagination Playground. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Kwong. © M+, Hong Kong

Bubble Play. KaCaMa Design Lab, 2021. M+ Family Pop-up. Photo: Winnie [email protected] Voices. © M+, Hong Kong

Visual Culture Bus Tour—City Thoughts Flow. Photo: Winnie [email protected] Voices




Drop-in Events

Image at top: Photo: Courtesy of Michael CW [email protected]