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Encountering the Henry Steiner Project Archives at M+

Type: Workshop
Language: Cantonese
Audience: Everyone
Location: Research Centre

Encountering the Henry Steiner Project Archives at M+

The Henry Steiner Project Archives consists of 39 project archives relating to the work of the person widely considered to be the father of graphic design in Hong Kong dating from the 1960s onwards.

In this series of workshops organised around the exhibition Henry Steiner: The Art of Graphic Communication, participants will learn more about Henry Steiner’s work through the eyes of designers and design historians who will select some of their favourite projects from the Henry Steiner Project Archives in the Research Centre to share with registered attendees.

Seats are limited. Click 'Register' to sign up.


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Image at top: Still from 'Unbox M+|Unboxing Henry Steiner's Design Archive', 2021. M+, Hong Kong

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