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Transformation through Body Positivity

Type: Talk
Language: Cantonese, English
Audience: Everyone
Location: The Forum

Transformation through Body Positivity

Has your body image ever been affected negatively by societal beauty standards? Countering narrowly-defined standards of the ‘perfect body’, the concept of body positivity promotes the acceptance and respect of all bodies, regardless of their size, shape, skin colour, gender, and physical abilities.

Taking from Madame Song's life story as someone who defied the norms of her time and who subsequently paved the way for artistic and cultural innovators to follow, Tanja Hwang-Cunz, Associate Curator, Design and Architecture at M+, will moderate a discussion on body positivity, featuring plus-size fashion designer Gloria Tsui and gender studies researcher Sonia Wong. Drawing on their own experiences with body acceptance, the speakers will discuss what it means to have a positive body image and how respecting all bodies can help build a more inclusive society.

This free talk will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation available in Cantonese. Click on ‘Register’ to sign up.

About the Speakers

Gloria Tsui is the founder and chief designer of My Rules Co., a clothing brand that caters to plus-size individuals and aims to inspire individuals to embrace their body regardless of their shape. As a plus-size individual, Tsui has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by plus-size individuals when it comes to finding suitable clothing. Being aware of the unrealistic beauty standards society imposes on women's body types, she works with local media to share her knowledge in plus-size fashion and participates as a judge and stylist in the ‘Extra Beauty Competition’.

Portrait of Gloria Tsui. Photo: Courtesy of Gloria Tsui

Sonia Wong Yuk Ying obtained her PhD in Cultural Studies at Lingnan University in 2017 and now teaches Gender Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include lesbian identity, female sexuality, film, new media, and local history. In 2013, she founded Reel Women Hong Kong, the first and only independent film festival in Hong Kong devoted to promoting films and art created by women, as well as promoting gender equality and awareness, in society. In 2018, she founded the first Women’s Festival in Hong Kong with different parties, which aims to further popularise gender consciousness and diversity. Apart from being an activist and academic, she is a poet, writer, and visual artist. Her writings on gender and sexuality are frequently featured in local media.

Portrait of Sonia Wong. Photo: Courtesy of Sonia Wong

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Image at top: Plus-size fashion designer Gloria Tsui with models. Photo: Courtesy of Gloria Tsui

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