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How to Build a Museum: Episode 1
How to Build a Museum: Episode 1

How do you build a museum? Start with a line, a page, and a little imagination.

In this series of ten animated episodes commissioned by M+, French artist Vincent Broquaire responds to the complexity of the museum’s architecture and engineering with a meeting of whimsical fantasy and realistic sonic effects. Step by step, a working man coolly guides us through a gonzo construction process of accordion staircases, inflatable towers, and moveable horizons. Step one? Conjure some ceramic rods from thin air.

Broquaire’s animations frequently explore man’s relationship with nature and the built environment, offering a poetic commentary on the paradoxes of our world and a blueprint for rebuilding it according to our imaginations. M+ commissioned these animations to document the museum's complex multi-year building project from a new, playful perspective.


Created by

Vincent Broquaire

Commissioned by

M+, Hong Kong

M+ Project Team

Ikko Yokoyama, Chris Sullivan, Jennifer Wong, Angel Ng

Vincent Broquaire is a Strasbourg-based artist working with drawings, animations, and installations in collaboration with galleries and museums. He has exhibited at HyperPavilion (Venice Biennale), Centre Pompidou Paris, Centre Pompidou Metz, West Bund Museum Shanghai, XPO Gallery, Sciences-Po Prize for Contemporary Art, Paréidolie in Marseille, Musée d’Arts de Nantes, Museum of the Moving Image in New York, and Hypersalon in Miami. He studied art and graphic design at L’école européenne supérieure d'arts de Lorient and the Haute école des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg.

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