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How to Build a Museum SUPERCUT
How to Build a Museum SUPERCUT

You've watched him conjure rods and tiles from thin air with the stroke of a pen. You've followed all of his button-pressing, switch-flipping, rocket-shooting, and fly-by landscaping. Now, you can relive our favourite builder's whimsical construction journey from start to finish in this SUPERCUT.

This series of ten animated episodes was commissioned by M+ to document the museum's complex, multi-year building project from a new and playful perspective.

Artist Vincent Broquaire’s black-and-white animations offer a poetic commentary on the contradictions of our relationship with the built environment and a roadmap for rebuilding the world according to our imaginations. M+ commissioned these animations to document the museum's complex multi-year building project from a new, playful perspective.


Created by

Vincent Broquaire

Commissioned by

M+, Hong Kong

M+ Project Team

Ikko Yokoyama, Chris Sullivan, Jennifer Wong, Angel Ng

Read more about Broquaire’s animation process.

Vincent Broquaire is a Strasbourg-based artist working with drawings, animations, and installations in collaboration with galleries and museums. He studied art and graphic design at L’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and the Haute école des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg.

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