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How to Build a Museum: Episode I0
How to Build a Museum: Episode I0

What do you do once you’ve built your museum? The final step: admire your handiwork.

In this final instalment of a series of ten animations documenting M+’s complex, multi-year construction process, French artist Vincent Broquaire rolls out some of the infrastructure that shapes the museum’s home in the West Kowloon Cultural District: the Conservation and Storage Facility (known colloquially as the CSF building), WKCDA Tower, Xiqu Centre, and West Kowloon Station. And with that, at long last, our guide can trade in his construction vest for a smart suit, step back, and take in his stunning creation.

Broquaire’s whimsical, black-and-white animations offer a poetic commentary on the contradictions of our relationship with the built environment and a roadmap for rebuilding the world according to our imaginations. M+ commissioned these animations to offer a new, playful perspective on how to build a museum of contemporary visual culture—starting from nothing but a line on a blank page.


Created by

Vincent Broquaire

Commissioned by

M+, Hong Kong

M+ Project Team

Ikko Yokoyama, Chris Sullivan, Jennifer Wong, Angel Ng

You, too, can admire the handiwork of the M+ building. Register for your visit, and preview our documentary of the M+ construction process. Curious about the work of this artist? Read our interview with Broquaire.

Vincent Broquaire is a Strasbourg-based artist working with drawings, animations, and installations in collaboration with galleries and museums. He studied art and graphic design at L’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and the Haute école des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg.

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