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M+ Facade Showreel 2022
M+ Facade Showreel 2022

Facing Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, the M+ Facade lights up nightly as one of the largest media facades in the world

We’re delighted to present some of the highlights from the M+ Facade that have illuminated the Hong Kong skyline in the past year, including commissions: In Search of Vanished Blood by Nalini Malani, The Shape of Light by Ellen Pau, and Touch for Luck by Moniker.

An enormous display, the M+ Facade measures 110 metres across and 66 metres tall. Over 5,500 LEDs are embedded into the concrete trunk of the facade, sandwiched between the corrugated terracotta tiles.

Dusk view of buildings across Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, which stretches across the frame at the bottom. A campus of buildings stands on the viewer's right, including a rectangular block illuminated with the words 'M+'.

The M+ Facade at dusk. Photo: Lok Cheng, M+

It’s a dynamic new addition to the many advertising billboards already punctuating the city skyline, and we are committed to using this facade to share visual culture with Hong Kong.

Suhanya Raffel, Museum Director, M+

At 6pm each evening, the LEDs are activated, and the tower turns into a breathing skin. It showcases a dynamic mix of works, offering moments of play, humour, poetry, intellectual reflection, and meditative contemplation to thousands of onlookers.

Not in Hong Kong? Tune in to our live stream.

Video produced by M+ with the support of Moving Image Studio.

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