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Unboxing ‘My First Sony’ and ‘Sanyo ROBO’
Unboxing ‘My First Sony’ and ‘Sanyo ROBO’

With all these products, what you're getting as a user is this idea that you can explore . . . following an interface that is very easy to use

Andrew Goodhouse

In the late 1980s, Sony and Sanyo each pioneered new lines of children’s electronics, featuring cassette players, audio recorders, walkie talkies, and even vacuums and toothbrushes. Encased in bright, primary-coloured plastic, they were made to be safe and easy-to-use while still rivalling their adult-oriented counterparts in quality.

M+ Design & Architecture Curator Sunny Cheung and Editor Andrew Goodhouse unbox items from My First Sony and Sanyo ROBO in our collections, discussing the innovations, branding, and fun that these products brought to their young users.

Note: Some of the museum objects featured in this video were unable to be turned on for demonstration at this time. To illustrate their sound quality and function, we rented several identical items from the market, which did not require gloves for handling. This video was originally published on M+ Stories.

Video Credits

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Production House

Jiu Jik Park Limited


Hui Chi Sang


Lam Ting Hin


Leung Wing Hang


Erica Kwok


Sunny Cheung, Andrew Goodhouse

M+ Video Production

Chris Sullivan, Jaye Yau, Jessica Law

M+ Transcript and Closed Captions

Amy Leung, Gloria Furness

Special Thanks

Ikko Yokoyama, Amanda Rubrico, Astria Leung

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