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Zhang Wei: Inside 'Fusuijing Building'
Zhang Wei: Inside 'Fusuijing Building'

When I was painting this picture, I specifically wanted to express the difference between the indoor and outdoor moods, meaning the mood of the harsh political reality outdoors where weird things happened every day and the mood of the home, indoors.

Zhang Wei

Artist Zhang Wei describes the conditions of living in the Fusuijing Building in 1970s Beijing.

Zhang Wei’s small landscape work Fusuijing Building from 1975 documents the scene outside the window of his apartment in Fusuijing Building, where the pioneering No Name Group’s first exhibition took place in 1975. Zhang’s early works from the 1970s reflect the lack of artistic freedom during the Cultural Revolution, when art was mainly made for propaganda and political purposes.

This video was originally published on M+ Stories.

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