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Grand Stair Screenings:
Human, Nature

Format: 40 min.
Language: Other (No dialogue)
Audience: Everyone
Location: Grand Stair
More Info:

Free screening

Grand Stair Screenings:
Human, Nature

Drawn from the M+ Collections, these four short films explore the relationship between nature and human, ecology and industrial development, and the traditional and contemporary, through a mix of different art forms including ink, performance, and moving image. In The Sky (2005) presents a melancholic narrative of a natural landscape affected by human civilisation by merging traditional ink painting with video. Testing (2015) documents a physical encounter between humankind and nature as the artist attempts to climb a tall stalk of bamboo to ‘test’ how nature reacts to his acts. Elsewhere, Ink City (2005) depicts the contemporary experience of a busy urban city through the traditional language of ink, while Morning After the Deluge (2003) challenges our perception of nature through the artifice of digital media.

Image at top: Chen Shaoxing. Ink City, 2005. M+, Hong Kong. Gift of Hallam Chow, 2018

Showtimes are subject to change.

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