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Stair in the Dark

Stair in the Dark


Dates: 7 Oct 2022–Ongoing
Location: Grand Stair

About the Programme

The sun is set, the curtains are drawn, and the lights are dimmed. 

Step into ‘Stair in the Dark’. The Grand Stair transforms into a unique screening and social experience on the first Friday of each month. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of cinematic moods and narratives within and beyond the screen.

About the Series: ‘Beautiful Losers’

‘Beautiful Losers’, the inaugural series of ‘Stair in the Dark’, captures the intensity and the weightlessness of youth. While selected films in the series signal perspectives by precocious artists and filmmakers during the early stages of their careers, others depict youthful experiences that are inextricable from the place and time in which their stories take place. The works in this series also attest to the creative atmospheres of their creators, illustrated by musical or visual preludes that often take place before the screenings. 

Weaving together notions of youth in its blissful oblivion and unceasing enchantment, ‘Beautiful Losers’ offers readings in documented, nostalgic, and speculative forms. Like youth itself, the portraits are compellingly incomplete and enduringly ageless.

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