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Botanical Sculpture Workshop

Artist: Cherie Yip
Type: Workshop
Language: Cantonese, English
Audience: Everyone
Location: Workshop 1
More Info:

Ticket Information

Standard: HKD 450

Concession: HKD 225

This workshop is for participants ages 16 or above.

Botanical Sculpture Workshop

Tickets to this event only include admission to the workshop. Please purchase tickets separately for General Admission and for the Special Exhibition.

Create your personalised botanical sculpture! Delve into the works of Yayoi Kusama and discover how they resonate with the forms of flowers and plants.

Nature is one of the key inspirations found in Kusama’s work, which often depict organic forms such as flowers, leaves, and plants. In this workshop, florist Cherie Yip will guide participants to observe Kusama’s use of colours, lines, and shapes and how they echo those found in nature. Using flowers and other material as medium, you will use different techniques and apply the basic concept of design to transform your observations and associations into a botanical sculpture.

Kusama once mentioned of her admiration for nature, ‘there are no objects more interesting than plants, filled with all kinds of forms and colors. How vast and boundless the provisions of nature!’ Appreciate and marvel at the unique forms and characteristics of your design and those of others!

Botanical Sculpture. Photo: Cherie Yip

Yayoi Kusama. Memories of an Exciting Love, 2016. Collection of Union Medical Capital Management Limited. © YAYOI KUSAMA

About the Florist

Cherie Yip is the founder of THE SPRING IS HERE. With a background as a multi-disciplinary designer, her floral works showcase a unique aesthetic. Using seasonal flowers, foliage, and botanicals as the foundation of her floral designs, Yip experiments with unexpected materials and interprets floral design as distinct from the traditional atmosphere. She seeks to expand its possibility with the belief that every plant has its magical power to heal our souls and brighten the days of life.

Portrait of Cherie Yip, Photo: Alander Wong @Daily Good Studio

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Image at top: Botanical Sculpture. Photo: Cherie Yip