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M+ Facade

M+ Facade

14 Oct 2021
Location: M+ Facade
Visit Time: Live from 18:00–23:00

Facing Victoria Harbour, the M+ Facade lights up nightly as one of the largest media facades in the world. At 65 metres tall by 110 metres wide, it is visible up to 1.5 kilometres away when viewed on Hong Kong Island. This enormous light-powered canvas, embedded with thousands of LEDs, enlivens the Hong Kong skyline as a key point of connection with our audiences.

The M+ Facade showcases a dynamic mix of screening works, offering moments of play, humour, poetry, intellectual reflection, and meditative contemplation to thousands of onlookers. Featured works, including participatory and performative screenings, engage audiences through digital platforms, while others playfully evoke the plasticity of time, presenting slow and suspenseful or frenetic and hyperactive cinematic sequences.

Works from the M+ Collections

The M+ Facade highlights important works of visual art, design and architecture, and moving image from the M+ Collection currently on display in the M+ galleries. The following thematic videos feature hundreds of works selected from our collection:

Commissioned Work