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Things, Spaces, Interactions

Things, Spaces, Interactions

12 Nov 2021
21 May 2023
Location: East Galleries

Design and architecture from Asia and beyond

Design and architecture define the things we use, create the spaces we inhabit, and ultimately inform the way we see and live in the world. Things, Spaces, Interactions presents more than five hundred examples of furniture, architecture, graphic arts, and other design objects that have had a profound influence in Asia and across the globe over the last seventy years. Design moves across borders and is shaped by transnational exchange. This exhibition reveals the larger forces at play in this region, including social and economic change in a global context, and shows how design and architecture give us a window onto questions that are deeply relevant to our lives today.

Highlighted Objects on Display

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Image at top: Alan Chan. Album cover, Anita Mui: Leap the Stage, 1984. Offset lithograph. M+, Hong Kong. © Capital Artists Ltd