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Li Naihan: Furniture as Architecture
Li Naihan: Furniture as Architecture

As architects we see furniture-making as a process of building miniature architecture.

Li Naihan

I AM A MONUMENT—CCTV Wardrobe by Li Naihan is part of her series of furniture replicas of well-known buildings; in this case, the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing. The 24-hour loop of the media cycle that inspired the original building’s design has turned into a loop for the daily act of getting dressed, with specialised compartments leading you on a defined path around the wardrobe.

In this video, Li Naihan discusses the concept and design process behind I AM A MONUMENT—CCTV Wardrobe, and how it reflects on traditional Chinese design ideas.

This video was originally published on M+ Stories.

Video Credits

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A Rapture Workshop

M+ Curatorial Research

Tina Pang, Jennifer Wong

M+ Video Production

Kenji Wong Wai Kin, Chris Sullivan

Special Thanks

Li Naihan, Ikko Yokoyama, OMA

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