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Touch for Luck

Touch for Luck

27 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2024
Location: M+ Facade

Touch for Luck is an interactive digital work that reflects our collaborative online presence and the mechanics of social platforms designed to hook you to the screen through a game. Staged on the M+ Facade, the luck-packed pond of fish connects you to your phone and allows you to join up with others who are touching their own screens simultaneously. Touch for Luck brings a mesmerising experience and probes into the absurdity and problems of touch-fuelled online interactions.

Created by the Amsterdam-based interaction media and design studio Moniker, Touch for Luck explores the lure of social media and the physical and psychological costs of staying perpetually online. 'Disconnection itself has become an elite privilege,' according to the artist.

The full view of the pond will be projected on the M+ Facade. Get out there and swish that tail. Show off your shiny scales. Pop those bubbles. Touch your screen. Touch for luck. Touch and never let go.

About the Artist

Moniker is an Amsterdam-based interaction and media design studio by Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters. The artists explore the characteristics of technology, including how we use it and how it influences our daily lives. The audience is often asked to take part in the development of their projects.

Moniker has won several awards, including a British Music Video Award, several Dutch Design Awards, and the Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst.

Portrait of founders of Moniker. (From left to right) Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters. Image courtesy of the artist

Image at top: Moniker. Touch for Luck, Moniker. 2021. Image courtesy of Moniker