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Tanaami Keiichi: A World of Collages
Tanaami Keiichi: A World of Collages

I could gather different materials, place them down, and then reconstruct them. They formed a collage that then formed an entire world.

Tanaami Keiichi

Since the 1960s, Japanese artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and experimental filmmaker Tanaami Keiichi has created hundreds of colourful, psychedelic collages. Tanaami’s underground, experimental works from the 1960s and 1970s have been rediscovered in the past decade and continue to influence a completely new generation of audiences. His collages are dense and crowded with imagery, marked by references to pop culture, war, and his own memories and experiences.

In this video, Tanaami Keiichi reflects on how his memories and dreams influence his art. His wartime childhood memories left a strong impression on him, and many of his collages from the 1960s and 1970s contain explicit anti-war messages. He also discusses the link between his collages and a unique, vast magazine collection left behind from his fanatical uncle.

This video was originally published on M+ Stories.

Video Credits

Produced by



Kenji Wong Wai Kin

Curatorial Research

Ikko Yokoyama

M+ Video Production

Chris Sullivan

Special Thanks

NANZUKA, Tanaami Keiichi

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