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Wong Ping: Animating the Absurd
Wong Ping: Animating the Absurd

Hong Kong is a place that I love and hate at the same time.

Wong Ping

Wong Ping (Hong Kong, born 1984) works primarily in the fields of animation and graphic design. His works are characterised by vividly coloured and stylised animations, combining a child-like sensibility with dark, macabre, psychosexual, and sinister undertones. Cute, loveable characters inhabit surreal, dream-like worlds where absurd scenarios begin to unfold. These fantastical narratives reflect Wong’s personal desires, hopes, and frustrations towards Hong Kong, and allude to various sexual, social, and political issues permeating our daily existence.

Today, Wong Ping is one of Hong Kong’s most promising cross-disciplinary artists. His distinctive visual aesthetic fuses the high and the low, creating a contemporary and unequivocally home-grown form of visual culture.

This video was originally published on M+ Stories.

Video Credits

Produced by



Kenji Wong Wai Kin

Curatorial Research

Chloe Chow, Tina Pang

M+ Video Production

Lara Day, Chris Sullivan

Special Thanks

Yung Ma, Wong Ping

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