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M+ is led by a diverse team who works with integrity, professionalism, and expertise to deepen the enjoyment and understanding of visual culture.

Museum Director’s Office

We support the Museum Director's vision and strategy, oversee the museum's activities, and lead fundraising initiatives that contribute to the long-term development and sustainability of M+. Our team includes the Museum Director’s personal secretary, executive assistant, and sponsorship and development officers.
Suhanya Raffel
Museum Director
Anca Coman-Bal
Head, Development


We build the museum’s collections, conceive exhibitions and programmes, and pioneer research in visual culture. Our team includes curators, digital specialists, editors, educators, and researchers.
Doryun Chong
Deputy Director, Curatorial, and Chief Curator
Keri Ryan
Lead Curator, Learning and Interpretation
Silke Schmickl
CHANEL Lead Curator, Moving Image
Pauline J. Yao
Lead Curator, Visual Art
Ikko Yokoyama
Lead Curator, Design and Architecture

Collection & Exhibition

We drive the schedules and delivery of all exhibitions and are responsible for the display, management, and care of the museum's collections. We are a team of archivists, conservators, designers, exhibition managers, librarians, registrars, photographers, rights and reproductions managers, and technicians.
Veronica Castillo
Deputy Director, Collection and Exhibition
Nickos Gogolos
Head, Collection, Archives and Library
Marc Walton
Head, Conservation and Research
Diarne Wiercinski
Head, Exhibitions and Displays

Museum Operations

We plan and develop on-site visitor experience and lead the museum's commercial and business strategies and governance. We are a team of accountants, administrators, architects, business managers, engineers, project managers, retail and commerce experts, and systems and procurement specialists.
David Tsui
Deputy Director, Museum Operations
Jackie Chan
Head, Museum Business
Meggy Cheng
Head, Marketing and Branding (M+)
Simon Hannaford
Head, Museum Security
Kirstin Mearns
Head, Commerce and Visitor Services