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Hong Kong:
The Establishing Shot

Hong Kong:
The Establishing Shot


Programme: Hong Kong: The Establishing Shot
Dates: 10 Jun 2022–11 Sept 2022
Language: Cantonese (with Chinese and English subtitles)
Location: House 1
'Hong Kong: The Establishing Shot' Trailer
'Hong Kong: The Establishing Shot' Trailer

About the Programme

‘Hong Kong: The Establishing Shot’, one of the inaugural programmes at M+ Cinema, celebrates the city's illustrious cinematic heritage as well as its iconic urban landscape through the lens of its filmmakers. In direct dialogue with Hong Kong: Here and Beyond, this programme explores the city's ever-evolving capacity as an activated stage where time, space, and action intersect in compelling narratives.

‘Hong Kong: The Establishing Shot’ is structured around nine feature length films from the 1980s to now that are complemented by short documentaries, essay films, commercials, TV shows, and archival materials. Together, the works illustrate the richness of Hong Kong’s visual culture in the field of audio-visual production and how moving image has fostered a collective visual identity of our place.

About the Subchapters

This programme includes three subchapters: the notions of disappearing landscapes and collective memory ('Forget First, Remember Later'); everyday stories of various communities ('A Different View'); and the close study of action films ('Counter/Action').